Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sands Boutique

Susie Bennett and Sinead Woodley are founders of Sands Boutique. They’re long-time friends united by a consuming passion for fashion. They created Sands Boutique for women like you, who love fashion, but who want to stand out from the crowd – without spending a fortune. Inspire your inner style goddessTheir eye for spotting beautifully wearable clothes, quality fabrics and the hottest new designers is what makes Sands Boutique truly unique. Susie’s interest in unusual, quirky fashions, high street trends and vintage continues to influence her chosen brands and designs. She also knows the secret to being an individual is not just about buying beautiful pieces, it’s about knowing how to put them together. Capture the Look! That’s why each new clothing collection is complemented by a range of exclusive new accessories. It’s also why we give you oodles of ideas on how to style your outfits so you can create a completely original look for anytime, day or not. If you like what we do, every element is here on the site, available for you to buy. So capturing the look is just a click away!

Expert advice, just for youIf you’ve never been too sure what ‘your style’ is, or you’d like some one-to-one guidance, we’d be only too delighted to help. Just email us your questions and we’ll provide you with personalised styling tips and advice to boost your confidence. We’re here to unlock the fashionista in you! Quality by designAt Sands Boutique, quality is intrinsic to everything we do. From selecting our lines to providing advice, we’re devoted to quality of service. Even your purchases come in a funky shopper bag that you can use again and again. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we’re doing – and your views on our collections.

Fashion to fall in love with So now you know a little about us, why not get to know our brands. Prepare to fall in love.