Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lily Allen ' Fashion Diva'

Lily Allen who is known as a famous singer and WAG announced to Sara Cox on Radio 1 that she is going to take a break from her performing and dedicate her time to pursuing a career in fashion.

Allen who recently sang at Chanel’s fashion show and she is also a spokesperson for them, has been hard at work promoting many of the top designers and luxury brands for the past several years.

Most people who have observed her support and enthusiasm for fashion have expected her to make such a move towards fashion eventually.

While some may have expected to see Allen on the runway, she instead plans to open up a boutique named Lucy in Disguise that will allow shoppers to hire clothes which have become more popular in vintage stores and among those who head online to shop.

Allen stated that the shop is aimed at letting people get their hands on clothes that are extremely nice, without breaking the bank, so that average people can still have the full experience of looking like a star.
The concept is in line with a recent trend by designers to make fashion more accessible to the common person.

The new boutique is not the only iron in the fire for Allen, during her break as she also plans to try out her acting skills and launch a new record label. Those who want to see her sing before she takes her ‘time out’ can catch her with Dizzee Rascal at the O2 Arena in London this March.

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