Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ooh La La! British Women & French Chic?!

Why is it that French women can get pool side perfection & lunchtime leisurewear so right while sometimes it feels like no matter how hard we try, instead of Oh La La, it’s more like Ooh so utterly wrong!
Having sauntered down the streets of Paris not to long ago, it utterly amazes me how simplicity in Fashion seems to have been overlooked so much in so many other European Countries. That City Chic, simple basics, classic cuts and elegant lines that looks so effortless just seems to be the epitome of cool yet over the pond we struggle, mostly trying to get layering, colour blocking, metallics and jeggings into an art form all the while forgetting completely it seems where we need to start. That is building our confidence in the basics before we attempt to work a Kate Mossesque ensemble.
It’s all about the basics and believe it or not it’s about understanding more what you really need in your wardrobe, getting the basics right and building around these. So what are the basics? They are the items that can be used to mix and match with everything else, the Items you can update each season with new accessories, scarves etc – the great pair of Jeans, the Fab little Black Dress, The crisp white shirt, the neutral cardis, good leather boots, Fab Coat. Get these right and the ‘Nothing to wear’ Scenario will become a lot less on a Saturday morning as you rush out the door to meet your girlfriends for lunch. It may be hard to believe but these Items will become your Fashion Saviour, giving you so much more in terms of choice and Ideas. If we have 20 tops we love but nothing to base them around that’s how we all start to lose French Chic and just become frustrated!
It struck me as I wandered through French streets greeted by the Fabulous French; it’s all about getting French Chic down! Fashion starts with getting the simple things right. End of. It’s no coincidence that half the beauty brands that spring to mind are French; L’Oreal, Givenchy, LancĂ´me & Chanel and its no coincidence that after a trip to the wonderful Paris we come home feeling like freshly washed, simple hair styles are good news, that a fabulous pair of simple black trousers with a great shape can be worn with utter style & panache and that neck scarves are the way forward to update your white shirt! Go forth and copy the French ladies!
Article by Julie Cobb http://www.stylefish.ie/