Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Its all about Empowering Women
The Jeminee brand epitomises Opulence & Luxury, her passion for the fashion and couture is reflected in her work. Jeminee has been over ten years of design experience working with prestigious clients such as Selfridges, Liberty's and Fenwicks. Designing ranges of jewellery, handbags and accessories, "It's all about empowering women, when you look great you feel great!". In December 2007 her passion lead her to India, back to her roots to get inspiration for her first collection. Whilst out there she found a group of women who were in shelters as they were victims of domestic violence. The women had no education and no way of supporting themselves or their children and were forced to live in dire accomodation. Jeminee immediately decided that rather than giving them a donation she would give them the skills to work for themselves and provide for themselves and their families. She spoke to the Manufacturer and they agreed to recruit the women to work with them and make the garments. The Opulent Tahiti Collection is so special not only because they are beautiful works of art but because each garment is a piece of freedom that has been given back to these womens lives.
Working and living in China and India Jeminee is passionate about making sure her products are made ethically. The jewellery collection is made in China and Hong Kong and is compliant with ETI standards. Cleopatra Couture and Diamonds are a girls Best Friend are Jeminee's first collections. The most recent collection 'Ultimate Opulence' is out now, exquisite swarovski pieces that are timeless and will be a classic in your wardrobe for years. With her background in jewellery designing each piece has been carefully designed to suit all age groups and needs. The statement Luxe bracelets have been flying off the shelves for Christmas, so place your order early to avoid disappointment.
Jeminee Solanki