Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Fashion Insider : Reflection!!!

'As I reflect back on 2009 and polish off the remains of the Christmas Cake I can't help feeling that amid all the uncertainty and difficult trading there were enormous positives. Will we look back at 2009 as the year that defined who we really are? Had we really lost the 'run of ourselves' and have we now streamlined our businesses ready to take on 2010?
Personally for me 2009 was a positive year, a year where I sharpened up my business. As an agent I am always one step ahead and like many boutiques I focused on the add on sales with 'little and often' being the buzz words. Fashion trends battled between the 80's and the 40's. Lady Gaga sported shoulders of American football proportions while Joan Collins had the right idea and sold all her 80's power suits for charity.
Skinny Jeans, leggings and ankle boots marched on apace with the ankle boot outselling the humble shoe. Retailers sharpened up their businesses and spent more time at home rather than away. They offered better service, better prices and good old fashioned better buying.
On a personal note I joined a pack of Fashion Bloggers who present a unique take on the world of fashion. Some commentators say we're 'pissing in the wind' but with bloggers now sitting alongside Ms Wintour (who did her own about turn with her 'reality' documentary) I can't help but say 'watch this space'

Best Regards and a Very Happy, Prosperous and above all Healthy New Year,



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