Monday, August 23, 2010

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Fashion’s Night Out

It is almost that time of the year again, when all around the world, the spotlight focuses on fashion and shopping.Vogue’s Fashion Night Out is on the 8th of September. Get your skates on though as this year around, there are even more events planned. There are also more designers and shops involved.Vogue will be launching a T-shirt as designed by Sanna Annukka. The profits of their sale will go to the charity, Kids Company.Here are just four of the fabulous events happening on the night.

Flying High

If you only buy one jacket this season, make sure it's an aviator. Like a leather biker jacket, but with the added cool (and cosiness) of a shearling collar, this is one trend that works just as well on the catwalk as on the street. Check out Burberry and Julien MacDonald for runway inspiration.

Britney Be Lookin Hot!

Do we still say feeerce? What’s the latest fashiongusto word on the block?

Anyway - L and I were watching old Britney videos the other night - it was ACTUAL research - and we were all a-membering how ridiculously hot and in shape she was.. and then look at what the internet delivered today! A photo, no less, of her looking all healthy and toned once more! I for one am on the side of ‘every figure is lovely, but being healthy is better than not being healthy..’ which is a very long title for a side to take. Anyway, she’s lukin’ well and there’s grand drying outside today.

Selfidges vs D&G

FROM next spring, Selfridges will no longer stock Dolce & Gabbana after an alleged dispute between the department store and the designer brand. It has been claimed that the falling out happened after Selfridges proposed changes to Dolce & Gabbana's in-store positions and those of its D&G line.

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