Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly Roundup of the best of the British Blogs!

From The Blogs

Weekly roundup of all the news and views in the British fashion and beauty blogs!!!

What Would Sienna Wear

Like leopard accents, military-inspired garb, and diaphanous button-ups, when it comes to Sienna Miller, what began as a style crush has blossomed into what we can only deem a life-long sartorial love affair. Logging countless appearances in What Was She Wearing: Answers!, Trend Reports and now making a comeback appearance in today's What Would She Wear story, Miller's unique blend of upscale gypset style and boho chic aesthetics never fails to intrigue us—and you!

Emma Cook AW 2010

All week i've been tortured by my boyfriend with images of these Emma Cook boots hes had lying around the office.
GAH, I know they are so wrong... but so right!
Christmas pressie maybe?

OK I was fine with last years pastel hair trend; I even kinda dug the peachy shades. But straight up premature aging on purpose? Erm…how about no?! Since supermodel Kristen McMenamy appeared on the cover of Vogue embracing her natural grey hair celebs have been channelling their inner SuperGran like no man’s business.

What makes Italians looks so slim?

What helps them look so refined when casually dressed?

The back dart on their shirts is a big factor.

ps. also note how meticulously the sleeves are rolled-up in both examples

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