Monday, January 4, 2010

Must Have Items To Buy During The Sales!

Sales are a great opprtunity to buy those essential items that we all need in our wardrobe. All at a fraction of the price. But make sure to get good quality pieces that will last in your wardrobe and that you will wear again and again. You will really get a bargain if the clohes suit your shape colouring and style and that your wear again and again. So don’t buy something just becasue it is marked dowmn to 75 percent and know your shape and size.

My advice is to try it on no matter what and prefer good quality and classic pieces that will go on for decades. Thsi way you will save money.

A Winter coat - Chose it in a colour that won’t date and that suit you complexion: Classic black, camel, cream or brown.

The trench coat – undoubtley a must have as it can be worn for work or for going out.

A evening dress – Now is the time to get that designer dress for a fraction of the price. Whether your prefer a cocktial type or a more glamourousstyle. You dont have to go for black. Navy, red or even patterned dress is an excellent choice.

Day dress – Whether you wish to get a dress for work or a dress to wear by day or by night , now is the right time to get it. The knitted dress will still be in on over the next seasons.

A trouser or skirt suit – A must have for work or if you have a job interview.

Shoes or boots – make a small investment on really good quality shoes and boots in very different styles and at bargain price. Again chose what suits you and what you are able to wear. If you love your comfort then prefer wedges or flat but stylish boots.

Good quality accessorises and jewelleries – now you can afford that expensive designer bag for half of its price! Or had you spotted that really nive nacklace now down to 10 euors. IT suits you and you do it then get it.

A new complet outfit - If you want to purchasse that fab top, then make sure to have something in your wardrobe that will go with it. If you have nothing to go with it, then get the all outfit but decide if it is to wear for day time or for the evening.

A warm cardigan – Essential to wear througt the winter and spring, over jeans, dresses and skirts.

Happy New year!


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