Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Fashion Industry Insider by Nicky Harris

News from the Showroom on ‘Miserable Monday’

Well the news bit is true but the Miserable Monday bit? not likely ! I always look forward to Mondays and especially at this busy time of the year. Luckily one of my showroom assistants arrived back last week and just in time too. I’m afraid my organisational skills are a little lacking and the presence of some one else is sometimes all I need to get me more organised.

Some samples have arrived and others are still on the way. The minute they arrive then emails of changes to the range start flooding in. Each day these changes have to be noted. They can simply be colour changes but invariably they are cancellations. Samples that will never be made and sometimes these are items that we love and think would sell. Marketing brochures by the lorry load gather in large boxes and take up valuable room. Sometimes they are worthy of giving out to prospective customers but often they are of such bad pictorial quality or are photographs of the wrong samples for this market that I tear my hair out at the waste. Waste of money, paper, time and effort only to be consigned to that big recycling bin.

Catwalk dates for the Jaeger London range (which is our newest collection) are still to be confirmed. It seems that London Fashion Week is as organised as me, which gives me some peculiar comfort.

I’m off to London on Sunday so will be blogging from there next week. It will be interesting to see what’s happening and London is one of those rare Fashion Vibrant cities. A quick run around my favourite Indies is on the cards. That’s if the flights go and we haven’t been hit by another weather related catastrophe. Which if we are thinking about catastrophe’s lets do something for the beleaguered and struggling people of Haiti and remember how truly lucky we all are.

Have a good week ahead………..



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