Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Designer- Charlotte Taylor

Lancashire born and Central St Martins alumni, Charlotte Taylor graduated in 2008. Having assisted Marcus Constable and Frost French along the way Charlotte was snapped up by Luella. In 2009 she founded her very own label and launched for AW10 at London Fashion Week in association with Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

Isle of Wight based Charlotte has really made her presence felt by virtue of her standout designs and colours, her engaging blog which charts her endeavours to launch, develop and sustain her business and her sheer determination and talent.

An eclectic, yet cohesive ensemble of inspirations has infiltrated Charlotte Taylor's designs for her premiere LFW collection. Trashy grannies, penguins, old soap operas, movies and the eccentric within provide fuel for the fire in this bold yet elegant collection.

Dashes of colour, through tweed, navy, cream and pearl, twist through folds and pleats. Weighty fabrics and concealed contrasts create clothes that flow, move and transform with the movement of life. The dresses are ripe for the winter danceaholic, whilst coats and capes engulf you in a sea of wool, chunky zips and head consuming hoods. Tops and blouses emblazoned with a unique penguin print make for a strong, memorable statement. Elegance is key; as is the strength of the tailoring. Lines and seams are there for a reason, subtly and beautifully accentuating the female form.

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