Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Merchandising Tops Tips

The key success for Christmas is planning; this does not mean endless hours planning your call to action, but making a plan for your store and staff of what you want to focus on for Christmas. It is not a case of let’s focus on everything it is all about the unique ideas you can create to really attract consumers to your business,

All of these questions need to answered before you decide your final strategy:

1. What price points will I focus on?

2. What theme will I give my store?

3. What products will I promote?

4. What unique gift ideas can I offer?

5. What’s the best location in my store to use?

No matter how large or small your store, it is crucial that these questions are asked, and that the answer appeals to your target audience.

My top tips are:

  1. Create a simple yet effective window! Focus on the right products, if you do not have access to good window decorations, my advice; keep it minimal.
  2. Create a gift area, somewhere people can get inspiration from.
  3. Use aggressive signage and price points are a key idea.
  4. Get the product positioning right.
  5. Make the time to create an action plan with all your staff.

Product groupings are also very successful at Christmas time; they make shopping easier for your customers and focus their attention to what you want them to buy. Making a simple knit table will have much more impact than an over cluttered rail or a over complicated wall


Presentation of goods is crucial to how your customers will spend this Christmas, as not only will they want great value, they will want it shown to them in a simple, clear and visual pleasing environment. Every year Christmas comes and goes with the blink of an eye so it’s vital that we make the time for these decisions. Not making time for these decisions means not making the time to maximise those all important sales.

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