Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Designer childrenswear boutique to launch in Gerrards Cross

Catwalk preview announced to showcase autumn/winter collections

A fashion-forward mother-of-two is bringing her passion for children and clothes to Gerrards Cross high street by opening a designer children’s-wear boutique in the town.BOYMEETSGIRL will open on September 18th and will stock a range of beautiful clothes for children aged from two to 16.Clare King is drawing on experience passed down from her mother, who also ran a children’s clothes shop, and responding to research from women in the region to bring BOYMEETSGIRL to the area.“I carried out a lot of research in the area, speaking to other mothers and they all wanted more choice locally to buy quality,beautiful clothes for their children. Opening a children’s clothes shop is something I’ve wanted to do for years. Now that my boys are older I’m able to devote the time to such a project,” she said.BOYMEETSGIRL will have a prime location, on Packhorse Road. Clare has travelled throughout Europe meeting with fashion houses including Dolce & Gabanna, Juicy Couture, Monnalisa, and Scotch & Soda to select pieces.“The buying has been enormous fun, and for the first time I’ve appreciated the story behind each piece and the time and effort that goes into its creation,” she said.“The passion of the designers really comes across and I am looking forward to conveying their enthusiasm and thinking to my customers,”she added.Clare will also be working with parents to help their children appreciate quality over quantity.“I think there’s always that battle, where a parent wants to invest in an excellent quality classic item, a coat or a jacket, while their teenage daughter would rather buy 12 separates from the high street!I’ll be trying to play devil’s advocate somewhat, showing how designer and high street can blend together and how accessories and classic items can really make a wardrobe work,” she added.The BOYMEETSGIRL autumn/winter range will be showcased at a VIP preview catwalk event at The Bull Hotel on Saturday September 11th,which will also offer guests the opportunity to buy straight from the catwalk.

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