Thursday, November 19, 2009


Peruzzi is a mid-price range lifestyle label for glamorous women .Peruzzi began as a knitwear label but has evolved to cater for every occasion that is now thrown at the modern woman -- from the school run to a day at the races to a black tie wedding.

The key is in soft layering. Think feminine knits mounted on camis or knit dresses worn over T-shirts.

Essentially, Peruzzi is non-effort yummy-mummy chic. The label looks a lot more high-end than the price tag would suggest.

This school of fashion styling also eases the agony of transition dressing. Peruzzi clothes take you from day to night. Furthermore, layering makes for a very individual and self-styled look and one that can be moulded to suit various shapes and sizes.

With Peruzzi, the options are plentiful as to how the clothes can be worn. It's the kind of label customers build on with each season

For a full list of stockists please contact Marion Kitchen Associates.
Phone: 0161 236 6461