Monday, November 2, 2009

Fashion What is it all about?

Walking in a womans shoes nowadays can be tough. We have pretty much taken on every other role, making our children happy, our mums happy, our husbands happy, work happy, but we sometimes forget how to make ourselves happy! In times of recession, this is compounded by the idea hovering over us that fashion & Image are immaterial and unimportant.

We feel bad thinking about ourselves. It seems sometimes that in very simple terms since fashion comes under the category of ‘Stuff women like a lot’ it can be marked down as not very important & not very high up on the economic agenda! However we ladies know this couldn’t be further from the truth! As an increasing number of things around us are making life seem a little bit harder, the ‘little things’ that make us feel cheerful, optimistic, inspired – start really mattering. In fact they don’t just matter, they build us up, make us happier, make us smile at the world & makes the walk through our everyday lives with a bounce in our step! They make the walk a lot more fun!

During the Boom we were all like children in a candy shop – with so much choice & so much disposable Income we never had enough of the ‘new’ – new clothes, new lipsticks, new handbags, new, new, new – its what we got used to and became the norm. However, believe it or not ladies your wardrobes are very sensitive places and all this ‘new stuff’ caused a lot of confusion in an already over crowded mess. The time had to come when the term ‘new’ had to be reworked for the times we now live in and having to redefine it is not necessarily the bad thing we might think.

Now, instead of ‘new’ we can be creative, instead of quantity we should now think quality. Its about understanding what works for your body shape, & for your lifestyle that will ultimately make you stylish, because at the very core of style is being at ease in your clothes – new wardrobes of clothes won’t do that. Having less clothes that you love is a lot more is better than more clothes your not sure about. Buy less but buy better. Don’t compromise your style for trends, let the trends inspire updating the clothes you have through accessories. Fourty years ago the word ‘style’ really had a more defined set of rules but of late fashion has gone eclectic and that means all the rules have gone out the window so with the recession on our doorsteps – what better time to take stock of our wardrobes and think newly inspired instead of just ‘new’. You will be surprised ladies – really looking into our wardrobes could get rid of the dreaded ‘Nothing to Wear’ syndrome more than any shopping spree ever could.

So as the world is trying to mark us all down, we need to realise that during recession our style doesn’t have to suffer, it is what allows us to put a huge value on ourselves – its just about becoming a little bit more creative in our approach to our style. Its called having fun with our Fashion!

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