Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wild Swans

'Imagine Scandinavia’s best fashion designers and all the unkown quirky secrets of Scandinavian fashion design. Then think of up and coming brands that are not yet exposed in the UK, combined with trained stylists in a very relaxed, Scandinavian, ethereal atmosphere. Add all of this up and you have WILD SWANS. The name comes from the fairy tale ‘The Wild Swans’ by Hans Christian Andersen. It perfectly describes the range of Designers as well the Customers..’ beautiful and gracious birds, yet ‘edgy’. The story behind Wild Swans is almost like a fairy tale: the Chiswick shop in the hip Devonshire Road opened in 2006 and was so successful that within one year another had opened in Cross Street, Islington and now a third shop has opened in Mill Hill Broadway in Spring 2009.
Caroline van Luthje's complete sense of combining what women want to wear to look fantastic and how they want to be treated is what has made her one of the most successful womenswear buyers in the UK today. Danish and proud of her Viking heritage Caroline has successfully introduced Scandinavian designers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden to the UK to give Wild Swans a complete Scandinavian concept. She has incorporated the Scandinavian style and helped make and influence what British Women are wearing.
Wild Swans like to make a real effort for their customers. Its very much about creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Champagne is always served at the weekend and a basket full of toys is provided for children. Wild Swans embrace the idea of personal styling and many of the staff are experienced stylists. Wild Swans have special evenings in the shops where they invite the designers to present their collections.'
Visit http://www.wild-swans.com and shop online!

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