Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beatrice Von Tresckow

Those of you who have already discovered her designs are aware that they feature vibrant and exciting colours, often embellished with elaborate beading and embroidery. These unique concepts have been influenced by her many years of living in India, Afghanistan and the Middle East, which, this year, once again, have inspired Beatrice to create another heady mix of colours, combining rich jewel coloured beads and embroidery designs, with sumptuous silks velvets and chiffons. This year she also travelled in Africa and China where she found even greater inspiration, more fantastic jewellery, fabrics and colours to add to my collections.

She is particularly thrilled that, in addition to there shops in Portobello and Cheltenham, they are now able to introduce the collection to you via the medium of on-line shopping.

"We will continue to attend our annual events and shows throughout the year, but through the on-line website will take the collection to a much wider audience, and as that includes you - welcome indeed!

"Our mission at Beatrice von Tresckow Designs is to maintain a personal service toyou at all times, however you choose to visit us. Our website has been designed to make your on-line shopping experience simple and enjoyable, and of course, we always look forward to seeing you again in our stores or at the shows. Please remember that I always welcome your feedback! It's great to hear from you, if your outfit has been a success but also, if you have ideas or comments on any other subjects that you wish to pass on to me regarding your experience with my company, I am always pleased to hear them"Beatrice

Beatrice von Tresckow Designs Ltd
58-60 Bath Road
GL53 7JT
United Kingdom

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