Wednesday, September 9, 2009

5 Shopping Do's & Donts to find your style after 40

Ever gone shopping, tried something on and wondered, “Does this look awful, or am I just not hip?” How do you really know if a new trend looks bad on you or whether you’re just stuck in a serious style rut? Here are 5 shopping Do’s and Dont’s to get you off the fashion fence and help you look fabulous after 40!

1. DON’T Blindly Listen to Sales People We’ve all fallen into the trap of letting a salesperson talk us into buying something, we’re not really crazy about. After 40, we are easy prey. While there are some good salespeople out there, most are on commission and want you to buy. Best to listen to your gut about an outfit or develop a long term relationship with a particular salesperson that you like and trust. Also, be sure to take a good look at how the sales person has put herself together. If she doesn’t look chic, how can you expect her to help you look chic?

2. DO Take it Home to Test Drive Most shopa have excellent return policies, so if you’re not sure how you feel about something, take it home and try it out. It can look very different when you are more rested or if you are in a different light. Maybe you’ll even notice how well it works with something else in your wardrobe or start to feel differently about it when you slip it on and get all kinds of compliments from your family. Or perhaps, you’ll realise that your instincts were right after all, and return it.

3. DON’T say No to your First Encounter with a New Style When a new style arrives in the store it can seem so foreign that even though it looks fabulous on you, it feels strange. This is particularly true after 40. For example, if you try on a pair of new high waisted trousers, and you like them, but are just not sure, then try on several versions of the same look from different designers. Sometimes a slightly different cut or a small detail change can make all the difference and suddenly you are sold.

4. DO check out what other Women are pulling off If you are not sure if a style is age appropriate, then take a look at what other fashionable gals your age are wearing. If you are 40+ and worried that chunky platform shoes may look too young, but you notice stylish 40 somethings’ wearing them who look great, then go for it. Also notice what clothes, hair and accessories these women are wearing with the chunky platforms. It’s important to co-ordinate a total look.

5. DO Be Prepared to make Mistakes
If you’ve fallen off the style track since you’ve turned 40 it’s going to take a while to get back on board. Be prepared to make a few mistakes and forgive yourself. So you thought it looked great, gave it a chance and a month later hated it. This will happen. Don’t beat yourself up. Getting Your Style Groove back is a process. 5. DON’T Buy Clothes you are not in Love With In the end, the best way to determine whether a new style is right for you is to be in love with it. That’s the bottom line. If you don’t feel confident in what you are wearing you will never look fabulous no matter what anyone says. Remember you have to feel fabulous to look fabulous.!

Rita Mylett

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