Thursday, August 20, 2009

A striking timeless collection of special occasion dresses with a sexy glamorous cut in flutter fabrics for pure red-carpet dressing, & designer office workwear tailored with a unique twist in pinstripe & red-shimmer, or Prince of Wales & raspberry pink.

Posh Frocks & fashion corset bodices for special occasions or alternative bridal & bridesmaid, & fitted skirts, office dresses, corseted waistcoats & pocketed trousers for boardroom chic to night time glamour.

Testimonials!!"...if I had a pound for everytime somebody said to me my dress was amazing, I would be very rich!! made me feel a million dollars! People were stopping me in bars and saying "where on earth did you get your lovely dress?" I felt like I was famous!'s a really truly special dress!" LW. Anglesey, North Wales UK

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