Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dare to Accessorize!!!


Many women have a longstanding fear of accessorising. Well, maybe fear is too strong a word. It is more like they worry about overdoing it or feel self-conscious and unsure about their choices. As a result, they are slow to add accessories to their wardrobe. While this is certainly a valid choice, they often feel like they are missing out on a great way to expand their wardrobe and jazz things up a bit. A watch, simple diamond earrings, and of course, a handbag are about as far as they go. Even these, however, are generally understated. There is a whole world out there to explore, but they find the sheer volume of choices overwhelming.

It is often a case of never having learned how to accessorise. When they feel the urge to experiment and wear a piece of jewellery, they feel uncomfortable or too obvious and take it off. Sound familiar? Despite their discomfort, they remain intrigued by the effect it can have and long to add that kind of statement to their wardrobe. But how, they wonder?

When it comes to accessorising, keep two things in mind:

  • Accessories are powerful. They are usually beautiful, bright, sparkly or simply unusual, and, as a result, they draw attention.
  • There is more to accessories than jewellery and scarves. Eyeglasses are an accessory. So are brightly coloured fingernails. Patterned or coloured socks or stockings fall into this category, as do hair clips, scrunchies, and sometimes the buttons on an outfit. Even highlighted hair is an accessory.

Accessories can enhance an outfit or be distracting. Finding things that blend with the mood, texture, colour scheme, and personality of what you are wearing is key. If you are new to the art of accessorising, use these tips to get started:

  • Ease into it. Although, as a novice to the world of accessorising, I suspect there is little chance that you’ll go crazy and wear a necklace, earrings, bracelet, pin, etc. all at one time (even if they match!), it is best to choose a single piece that delights you.
  • Don’t accessorise in the dark. Have you ever stopped at a jewellery counter with every intention of purchasing something only to be frustrated? This is a result of shopping blind, so to speak. It is difficult to accessorise something you cannot see. So, the next time you feel the impulse to shop for accessories, wear the outfit you want to accessorise or if it is for a special occasion bring it with you.. That way you will be able to tell if the necklace works within the neckline of your jacket, or the teal is really the same teal as your sihirt, for instance.
  • Follow the Pattern. If the outfit has geometric designs on it, look for earrings with angular lines. If your outfit has soft swirls or flowers, pick up on those features and colours in the necklace you choose. This will complement the outfit and create harmony.
  • Weigh Your Options. Winter weight fabrics, colours and textures are often heavier than those worn in the summer. Maintain a similar feel so that your summer clothes don’t look overwhelmed and your winter choices are not lost.
  • Silver vs. Gold. Usually it is best (although there are exceptions) to wear all gold or silver. If, for example, the buttons on your jacket are gold, wear gold. If the stitching has a silver sheen to it, wear silver. This creates a harmonious look.

Accessories are fun. They add beauty and personality to an outfit. I guarantee that once you’ve tried it you will be hooked for life!

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