Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Los Angeles Based Nuvula Clothing has infiltrated the American fashion scene with an amalgam of design, poetry and edgy style. This graphics art fashion company makes original paintings and illustrations and then creates clothing to tell the story. This brand is funky, sexy, and most importantly comfortable. Nuvula transcends the trends by reinterpreting and expanding on them according to the pulse of the world and our own creative impulse. Nuvula uses sumptuous fabrics such as 100% beech wood modal, recycled bamboo cottons, silks, linens and wools are used to manufacture each garment. Nuvula fashion breathes the life of art, the streets of Europe and a little whimsy into their contemporary designs. Nuvula's mission? To merge fashion with graphics, arts and poetry and thus create something more than clothes. Funky, sexy, and most importantly comfortable wearable garments. Nuvula is stocked in over 3,000 boutiques in the USA and is designed in Los Angeles. Nuvula is represented exclusively in the majority of Europe by 192West.

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