Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Share Female

After its successful launch across Europe last year, Share Female is being launched in the UK for autumn/winter 2010 and is the brainchild of two designers, Lena Christensen and Nina Frederikke Thomasen. With the might of Danish company Brandtex behind the brand, Share is destined to become a major player in the market.

The Rock Ballerina is Lena and Nina’s muse – a fictional woman who exists in the designers’ heads but who is always eager to get out. She balances on a knife’s edge between the Utrafeminine and the tough look – and she is not afraid to take chances. The Rock Ballerina bravely plays around with her look, creating a personal and, most importantly, confident style with atypical layered effects and unique details. She is always feminine, so even dressed in a worker-inspired, stone-washed trouser suit, she combines the style with feminine details and adds a pair of cool stilettos. “In the Rock Ballerina’s style and in our designs, if there is a rough edge, there is also a lace edge,’’

Lena points out a fantastic cotton fabric that has been enzyme washed to give it a pre-washed surface as the most important quality of all: “The wash gives it a rough look, but it is also silky-smooth against the skin and that accentuates the contrasts in our designs.” Denim, leather, nylon and knit feature in the rock’n’roll part of the collection, while delicate chiffon, exclusive silks and soft and light cotton qualities give the ballerina her feminine touch. The colours also emphasise the contradictions in the collection with a dark and edgy palette comprising masculine colours, such as black, grey, army green and petroleum, and more feminine colours – soft pastels and shades of white. Share Female’s distinctive style has much to do with detail, and that is why every single T-shirt in the collection has been carefully designed down to the last little hem. A small button that stands out, fine frills, edgy laces, pockets, lace or contrast stitching and a special print are just some of the details that give the unique collection a personal touch.

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