Monday, March 1, 2010

The Fashion Industry Insider by Nicky Harris

I got back from London Fashion Week yesterday several invitations later I am just catching up here at home. The Jaeger London show was fantastic as was John Rocha’s, both were true to their core values. Jaeger concentrating on cut, tailoring and city style with John Rocha showing his amazing use of texture and shape in an amazing neutral but never boring palette.

I was double jobbing (blogging and agent) and ended up following photographers. At one point I took some pictures of a woman and then turned to the person beside me and asked ‘Who’s that’? To which the reply in a very condescending tone came back ‘It’s Erin O’Connor, don’t you know who she is?’ To which I mumbled something about my eyesight not being too good. My theory is, shoot first and ask questions later.

I bumped into fashion journalists Annmarie O’Connor and Deirdre Mc Quillan and it’s great to catch up and share our (fashion) thoughts. It’s amazing that often the most interesting and important discussions and meetings take place in airport lounges and Fashion exhibitions!

One feature of the Show was a touching RIP wall to Alexander Mc Queen covered in very moving tribute notes. A sad reminder that life is precious and a great talent is lost to the world of fashion.

I’m back in the showroom now buzzing with enthusiasm and excited about business with a renewed vigour. The customers are coming in , I’m selling and loving catching up with all of them. The Business of Fashion is moving on and I’m having one of those unusually positive and enthusiastic days where I’m really happy to be part of it.

Have a really good week…….

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