Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sara Berman SS010

Sometimes, everyone needs to get back to basics. And what better time to re-evaluate, strip back, renew your perspective and frankly, just jiggle things up a bit, than your birthday. Sara Berman is turning over its first decade, and to celebrate we want to re-focus our attentions on the three blocks from which the last ten years have been built: knitwear, leather and Harris Tweed.

Ok, so it is summer and tweed isn’t exactly appropriate, even in our changeable climes. Although our summer collection, as beautiful as it is, remains tweed-free, there are exciting Harris Tweed developments in the pipeline and all will be revealed soon. Leather, on the other hand, is taking centre stage. Cut in soft, supple skins that are long and slim in the arms, close on the body and sharp, and soldierly around the neck they dance along to the beat of their heavy, bobbled studs. Think of a very stylish Harley Davidson driver and introduce him to a fantasy Harajuku girl – their daughter would live in these jackets. Being the kooky, stylish girl that she is, Harley Harajuku wears hers over flippy, spriggy tea dresses and indecently tiny shorts.

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